Course Description

Damage Control (MITAGS) (MSC-DC)

This two-day course is designed to meet the Military Sealift Command (MSC) damage control training requirements.  The course is highly recommended for all mariners.  The information learned during the classroom sessions is reinforced in the application phase. Attendees perform as members of a damage control team to combat various types of shipboard damage, other than fire

Prerequisites- The student should have completed a USCG approved fire-fighting course (MITAGS offers firefighting courses onsite) or OICNW Level Certification.

Suggested Courses/Skills- The Student needs to have an understanding of shipboard organization

This course may be offered in the evenings after the MSC Small Arms Class.  If it is offered in the evenings the class will span a four day time period.  Please check with Admission on the start time. 

What You Will Learn
    • Damage control investigation and communication.
    • Shoring.
    • Pipe patching.
    • Bulkhead plugging.
    • De-watering.
What You Should Bring
    • Outdoor clothing- long pants, long sleeve shirts
    • Steel toed work boots

Course Dates

MITAGS - Linthicum Heights, MD